Thursday, September 6, 2007

Three Debates

Today, Jim Ogonowski requested three debates to present his views to the voters of the 5th Congressional district. More importantly, these debates will show the contrast between Jim and his opponent and the voters will see that Jim is the best candidate to represent them in Congress.

Here is what Jim had to say:
"There is a real difference between Niki Tsongas and myself. The people have an important choice to make. They can vote for someone who will continue with the business as usual mentality in Congress or they can vote for someone who will put aside the partisan attacks and offer real solutions to the people of the 5 th Congressional District."

"This October, we have a chance to send a message to the politicians that we are sick and tired of the way things work in Washington. I'm not a partisan politican. When I get to Washington I'll work with the Republicans and the Democrats to get things done for the people of the district."

"The voters deserve an opportunity to hear from the candidates so they can outline their vision for the future. This is why I am proposing that we debate three times before the election. Given the short timeframe, this will allow voters to learn about the clear differeneces us multiple times so they can make an informed decision. The debates should be dispersed throughout the district, open to voters, allow the candidates enough time to give real answers and not just political rhetoric and sound-bytes. I hope that Niki accepts my offer as soon as possible." concluded Ogonowski.