Saturday, September 27, 2008

leave school, quit your job, and get a (campaign) life...

...I did both in 2000.

After the New Hampshire primary, I got a phone call while at work asking me if I could work on the campaign around the country. I thought about it for 10 minutes and then told my boss I was leaving - "what?" he said. "When are you leaving?" "Tomorrow morning, I'm driving to Delaware." There was really nothing he could do or say on that cold Saturday night in January.

On a sunny, Sunday morning I had my rental mini-van jam packed with campaign signs, stickers, push cards, and other campaign materials and headed south on highway 95 to the state that is home of serious wind energy.

It was the start of my second semester that year and I called my school from the road to let them know I was leaving. They then recommended that I at least try to get credit from the campaign experience (great idea since I ended up getting 12 credits).

It was an amazing experience working for your values and a cause greater than yourself. It was risky at the time but it certainly turned out to be a worth while experience. I was not part of any program or group within the campaign - I was a solo campaign mercenary and my payment was a victory of my values. I had an agenda and I wanted to advance it.

A lot has evolved in 8 years within the campaign world. The McCain-Palin campaign is now offering Campaign Deployment to facilitate those that want to advance their values. Time is running out, are you able to give yourself to the movement? Become a McCain Marshal or a McCain Maverick today.