Friday, November 28, 2008

Winning Hearts & Minds

I just received this email from a State Committee member:

"The Uxbridge Republican Town Committee provides our high school library with subscriptions to "Human Events". the weekly edition of "Washington Times", and "National Review" as well as assorted books with conservative content after we've read them ourselves. We also try to select one or two recently graduated HS students to send to the National Conservative Student Conference held in Washington, DC each August. I personally contribute to the scholarship fund that subsidizes student attendance at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC and to Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute campus program particularly here in the northeast."
I like to think of myself as a product of Morton Blackwell's fantastic Leadership Institute. The summer after High School I attended the Candidate Development Program (8 days), then I attended the Youth Leadership School (campus activism) and a Global Warming school before being shipped over to Bonn, Germany to protest the Kyoto Protocol (greenpeace was stunned to find protesters protesting protesters).

The Uxbridge Republican Town Committee is doing great things to help win the battle of ideas and to promote our ideals with young students (before heading into the notorious college classroom).

We would love to see other Republican Town Committees do similar projects. Currently, the MassGOP staff consists of only a few people working hard on our top priorities of recruiting candidates and targeting towns to resurrect Republican Town Committees.

However, part of our strategy in the past 2 years has been to decentralize the MassGOP to empower activists to self-organize - this is evident in our online approach with MassRootsAction, a private training site which gives you, our activists, a tremendous amount of information and tools that have never been available before.

In this spirit, I want to offer one of you to spearhead this project of replicating what Uxbridge is doing across the Commonwealth. I know how valuable this can be. In the late 90's I used to read National Review magazine in my High School library.

Finally, to parallel my offer to spearhead this project, I recommend a very wise and important speech that Morton Blackwell gave in 1993 titled, "How To Be The Life Of The Party."

Morton has a lot of other great articles on this link. I especially like the "People, Parties, and Power" and "Power and Influence."

If you can help with this effort to expand the Uxbridge model, please email us at info[AT]massgop[DOT]com and I will then coordinate all that respond to form the team.