Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foxborough RTC Hosts Michael Graham to Kickoff 2009!

Some news from Foxborough RTC Chair Angela Davis...

The Foxborough Republican Town Committee hit the New Year with a smashing fundraiser on Thursday January 8th 2009 at the Lafayette House in Foxborough. Headlining the event and guest of honor was conservative comic and WTKK 96.9 FM Talk Radio Host and Boston Herald Columnist Michael Graham.

Michael signs copies of his book...

There was a full house at the Lafayette Restaurant in Foxborough. Angela F. F. Davis, Chair of the Foxborough Republican Town Committee welcomed the room and the officials that attended from Beacon Hill. Among those in attendance included State Rep. Betty Poirier (R) and State Rep. George Ross (R), former State Rep. Kevin Poirier (R) and former State Rep. Ginny Coppola (R). Republican Town Committee Chairs and members from Walpole, Sharon, Attleboro and Mansfield all were in attendance as well.

Graham worked the room and went from table to table prior to his remarks. He kicked off the event with his signature radio high-pitch intro voice, and the crowd roared.

He joked about his early days in campaign management when he fell into spearheading a campaign in New Hampshire. He laughed as he spoke about knowing nothing about politics until he took the job and realized he could make a living off off of his full time involvement. Then he went on to speak about the tax and spend liberals on Beacon Hill and how the future of politics depends on how Republicans decide to run for office.

He finished off the evening with a book signing, and was very gracious with his time.

It was an amazing event and Graham knows his Foxborough fans are anxious for his next visit! He is a good friend to Foxborough!

Be sure to tune in to his show weekdays on 96.9FM, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

(graham signing book for Foxborough Republican Town Committee member, January 8, 2009. photo courtesy of Michael Davis)