Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Donkey of the Week"

Barn Yard Behavior by Massachusetts Democrats...Every Wednesday!

BOSTON - Today Rep. Kevin Murphy has the distinct honor of being named the "Donkey of the Week" by the MassGOP.

Rep. Murphy has a conflict of interest problem...

According to an article in the Lowell Sun, in addition to being a full time legislator, he is also a lawyer who represents union clients in contract negotiations with the City of Lowell. So he can vote on funding for public agencies--and at the same time represent his clients who are seeking a piece of that funding.

Several public-sector organizations are part of Rep. Murphy's client base at his $100,000 per year Chelmsford law office.

For example, Rep. Murphy represents the bus driver's union in Lowell, which is in contract re-negotiation talks with the Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA.) The LRTA receives a quarter of its operating budget from state funding--which Rep. Murphy gets to vote on.

He even represented Lowell's four assistant school superintendents in contract renegotiations-one of which was his wife. (For which Rep. Murphy secured a $10k raise two years before his wife's contract expired.)

And how is this not a conflict of interest?

According to Beacon Hill Democrats, the Ethics Reform Bill is the answer. The Bill is certainly a step in the right direction and tightens some loopholes. Yet the Ethics Bill does not change the conflict-of-interest statute that Rep. Murphy has repeatedly violated.

More importantly, the Ethics Bill does not change the behavior of irresponsible and unethical Democrat lawmakers.

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