Monday, October 15, 2007

Ogonowski Update - Dedication

Jim is on the phone right now continuing to speak with voters and get his message out.

Have you heard about our 24 hour "Midnight-Ride"? Well, Dan was the staffer on that ride and he has been working extremely long hours. I had to take this picture when I saw Dan in the office catching an hour of sleep. There are cots in this office so that the staff can save time and invest all of their energy into this campaign. We often hear about how hard Jim Ogonowski is working but I wanted to mention the staff and volunteers and give them some recognition that they deserve. They staff believes in Jim because Jim believes in them.


What can you dedicate tomorrow? Call (978) 269-5080

"Ogonowski tried to hit every city and town in a district that stretches from the Merrimack Valley to Wayland and out to Lancaster. Driving in his Buick, usually with a single aide, Ogonowski started at Laudi's Breakfast House in Dracut Saturday at 6 a.m. and made 76 stops on a two-day "Midnight Ride" tour. It included a stop late Saturday night to greet passengers on the last commuter rail from Boston to Lowell, and a post-midnight visit to the Lowell police and fire headquarters." Boston Globe


Dan is up and taking Jim back out to meet with voters. If you live in the 5th CD you may be lucky enough to meet Jim!