Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sandwich RTC

Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking with the Sandwich Republican Town Committee. They are very active and work hard to promote State Representative Jeff Perry.

The Chairman of the committee commented that in the past, the MassGOP has done a bad job with marketing and branding the party. While we can't expect a bumper sticker slogan to fix everything, I do agree that imaging is important to define who we are and what we stand for.

I think the MassGOP has recently made steps in the right direction. You may have noticed our new splash page when we relaunched where it read "Promoting Less Government and Lower Taxes So That You Can Live Your Life." Short and simple and hits on a fundamental core of the GOP. We also have MassGOP stickers in the works for our activists to use. Just as we are asking our local committees to think as a campaign and not a committee, we too are looking at the MassGOP as a campaign.

New Feature - Don't Hold Back Your Thoughts

The new has a place to get your thoughts and ideas and we want to hear from you. GOPinions is giving you a voice in our party and we encourage you to use it.