Saturday, July 5, 2008

expanding our online presence

Our summer interns have been a big help, specifically with assisting our Republican committees to build an online presence. We used blogger to establish an online prsence for the following town committees and this is a great start, but it still only the beginning. The next step is to train these town committees on blogs to encourage them to enhance the GOP voice at the municipal level. Soon, the Chair of our PR committee, Shari Worthington, will help me lead a conference call with the GOP committees that we have created these new blogs for. Some Chairs wondered why a blog and not a website? Here are a few answers...
  1. Blogger is VERY easy to update and edit (zero web experience is needed)
  2. A blog can serve the same purpose of a website (contact info and the date/location of the next meeting etc..)
  3. A blog is more than website in that it encourages activity - too often, websites are stagnant and blogs, by nature, encourage activity.
In short, if we are a website online, we will be a "website" offline. If we are a blog online, then we will be a "blog" offline. We have written a Simple Guide To Blogging and it's only a few pages but packs a powerful punch to get you started with blogger.

You will notice with the sites below, that they all have "" in the URL. So, instead of having it will be However, blogger has enabled the blog owners to purchase their own domain for only $10!!!

There are over 70 million blogs in the world, so how do you stand out? Your blog is the only blog in the world from X town with a GOP perspective on town, state, and national politics. Remember your niche and you will build a base of followers. Be part of the community, not just an organization that comes out once every two years to hold a campaign sign while sipping on the Dunk'n Donuts coffee.

Did you clean up a baseball field? Take pictures and write a post about it. You can interview the school principal, police chief, and business owners in the community to get their perspective of your town.

Your GOP committee can be the "go to" site to find out about what's happening in the community - but only if you build it. Conservatives, such as myself, stress the importance of local action solving local problems. Let your blog be that window of your Republican Town Committee - showning the members rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done (post pictures, names, and give credit to the doers of your GOP organization).

If you are a member of one of the GOP organizations below, you now have a window to show your community what you are all about. If you are a member of a GOP organization that does not have an online presence, please email us and we would be happy to help you, at no cost. You can email one of our fantastic interns at You are only limited to your creativity. Happy blogging!