Monday, December 22, 2008

Take It Easy, Bob.

The following was sent to members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, on Rob Willington stepping down as Executive Director:

As you may have heard this weekend, Rob Willington has resigned as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Rob has been a terrific E.D. this cycle, and is easily one of the most technologically sophisticated ED's anywhere in the country, in any political party. When you look at the advances that the MassGOP made in using technology this cycle, you should think of and thank Rob Willington.

Here is just one example: Rob's plan to make people sign up for a McCain bumper sticker on line led to identifying hundreds of McCain supporters in Massachusetts, many of whom had never worked on a campaign before. With their online contact information, the McCain campaign in Massachusetts was able to identify and contact hundreds of people to make phone calls. The net result was approximately 300,000 phone calls made from Massachusetts volunteers.

To say this should be a model for future campaigns for President, Governor, and US Senator and all campaigns would be an understatement. Thanks to Rob Willington for pointing the way.

Rob will be working on bringing Republicans across the country up to speed on the uses of technology to organize and communicate with voters, and elect more Republicans. Given what he was able to do in Massachusetts with a small budget, Rob will be a natural at this.

Please join me in thanking Rob Willington, and wishing him all the best as he continues to help the Republican Party.



Massachusetts Republican Party