Monday, June 9, 2008

Intern Update

You’re about to enter a whole new world with our new intern cam! See the world through the eyes of a Mass Gop Intern as we stuff your mailers, update your records on voter vault and bond over canoli’s in Boston’s North End!

Today the interns insisted on taking me to lunch to celebrate my birthday. It was the perfect opportunity to test out our new camera to give you insight into our daily routine. Today, Emil, our new intern joined us and before he knew it he was cracking political jokes right along with us at lunch. The team here at the Mass Gop is amazingly supportive and welcoming as new interns and volunteers join us weekly!

Although many delegates may not know this, interns are putting in 8 hour days organizing and planning schedules to ensure a successful trip to the convention in Minnesota Saint Paul in September. So for all of you delegates out there you can think of us when you are snacking on airline peanuts and using hotel shampoo!

In addition to the national convention, we have been focusing on local events as well. As interns we have been invited to volunteer this Wednesday at a McCain event for the victory committee. Stay tuned for more photos and exciting stories about meeting senator McCain and his local supporters!

We have also been calling Republicans inviting them to attend the Norwood Republican Town Committee fundrasier (wine tasting!) which will be on June 12th at the Fiddlehead Theater in Norwood. It's only $10 - what a deal, support the GOP and drink wine for only $10?!?!

Mike, Maggie, Shawn, Lauren, Robbie and Emil hard at work in the Mass GOP training room.