Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jeff Beatty - AP

Here is a great story of Jeff Beatty in the AP:

"Beatty entered the Army as an infantry officer in 1974. He served in Panama, then attended flight school, and later petitioned to join the Delta Force. His cousin had been shot down in Vietnam and Beatty had dreamed of being part of a rescue mission.

He got his chance when American medical students became trapped during a 1983 palace coup on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Beatty was among the thousands of US troops sent to restore order. His helicopter was shot down. He was one of 16 wounded, but still managed to help complete the mission of rescuing the students.

Beatty left the Army to join the FBI, when he worked with a hostage rescue team during the Los Angeles Olympics. From there, Beatty joined the CIA to help run counterterrorism in Europe and the Middle East until 1992."


"'We will make the case that we want them to support Beatty’s campaign,' Torkildsen said. 'You’re always running as an underdog as a Republican in Massachusetts, but John Kerry is very unpopular. He has high negatives.' "