Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nantucket GOP - Social Event a Huge Success!

Congratulations to the Nantucket GOP for hosting a terrific event and bringing in new people to the GOP!

Good Job Collecting Information!
State Committeeman Ric Barros, Chairman Peter Torkildsen and former Nantucket Selectman Doug Bennett.

Check out these signs, now this is real grassroots! Doug Bennett held these signs at an intersection before the social event and Senator John Kerry rode by on his bike. We heard John Kerry stopped his bike and shook his head in disappointment (yes Senator, we have active Republicans on Nantucket!)

Chairman Torkildsen said that he met three people at the event who came because they saw these signs before the event.

Overall, they had about 35-40 people attend and they recruited many new Republican Committtee members.
How did they do it?

1) They used Voter Vault and went door knocking on active GOP voting homes.

2) They made personal phone calls to registered Republicans.

3) They sent an auto call reminder to all Republicans before the event.

4) They had a standout just before the event started.