Thursday, November 1, 2007

State Senator Scott Brown

We caught State Senator Scott Brown outside of the State House this week and he is a busy guy. When Fox 25 news saw him, they yelled across the street to get him on camera for a few minutes.

Senator Brown then bumped into former Speaker, Tom Finneran. Senator Brown was updating the Speaker on his new legislation to help track veterans that return home to ensure they receive the money they earned.
According to the State House News Service:

"Roughly half the 27,000 Massachusetts soldiers eligible to receive the 'welcome home' bonuses the state approved for veterans of ongoing conflicts are collecting their checks, a rate that has lawmakers trying to boost participation.A new bill, which authors say must become law quickly in order to be effective next year, would add a check-off box to income tax forms for veterans to submit in order to trigger the benefits, which range from $500 to $1,000. "

Here is a recent article about the legislation. Call Senator Brown and thank him for helping our veterans at (617) 722-1555.

Here is a video of State Senator Scott Brown outside of the State House.