Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks For Nothing

The Legislature fails to get much of anything done this year and Brad Jones along with the House Republicans handed out Thanksgiving cards:

"The office of the House minority leader, Bradley H. Jones Jr., handed the press Thanksgiving cards from 'the Massachusetts Taxpayer' addressed 'To Those in Charge' at the State House. The cards featured a print of Norman Rockwell's famous painting, 'Freedom from Want,' showing a large, happy family sitting down to a big turkey dinner.

'Thanks for Nothing!' the card said inside. 'Where is my property tax relief? What are you going to do to reduce crime and improve our schools?'

Jones said in an interview that moving the primary date is one of the Legislature's few accomplishments this year.

'It used to be that the excuse for why things weren't getting done was that there was a Republican in the corner office,' he said. "Well, they're not there.'"