Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mass GOP: Geithner Offers No Help to Struggling Massachusetts Families, Businesses

BOSTON - The Mass GOP today dismissed the notion that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and the Obama Administration's $787 million spending spree have helped create jobs in Massachusetts or the nation.

MassGOP Executive Director Nick Connors said: "The reckless spending of the Obama Administration has not created the jobs that were promised, and Massachusetts is proof of that. Our unemployment rate is 8 percent and the only new jobs being created are in state government, which has added 2,000 new soft landings for Patrick-Murray Administration supporters. Families and small businesses in Massachusetts are hurting, and Governor Patrick and the Democrats are trying to squeeze even higher taxes out of them to fund pension abuse and do-nothing state jobs. If Geithner and Obama want to help the people of Massachusetts, they'll tell the Massachusetts Democrats to clean up Beacon Hill, and they will return the stimulus money to the taxpayers by lowering their federal taxes."