Friday, June 5, 2009

Sex, Lies and Rep. Gloria Fox

Mass GOP Demands Answers from Patrick-Murray Administration

BOSTON - The Massachusetts Republican Party today called on the Patrick-Murray Administration to explain why a convicted murderer is now receiving preferential treatment after he was visited by State Rep. Gloria Fox, who according to the Boston Herald, smuggled the murderer's girlfriend into the prison.

Mass GOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour said: "Aside from Representative Fox's troubling and bizarre actions, a more serious question is why the Patrick-Murray Administration transferred a convicted felon from high-security, solitary confinement to a medium-security private cell after the representative visited him for four hours. Why was this action taken? Who ordered it ? Why was standard prison policy ignored? What role did Representative Fox play in this action?"

Nassour continued: "Representative Fox owes the public an explanation for why she abused her authority as a legislator and lied to prison guards in order to get the murderer's girlfriend inside the prison to visit him. The people are sick and tired of elected officials abusing their powers to benefit special interests, and its just ridiculous when the special interest is a convicted murderer. "

Among the revelations in today's Herald:

"Using her State House-issued, all-access prison privileges, Fox, 67, visited convicted murderer Darrell Jones in the high-security segregation unit of the Old Colony Correctional Center with a woman the Roxbury Democrat claimed was her 'best aide,' two prison sources told the Herald."

"But Fox and the woman were bagged by a vigilant guard who recognized the 'aide' as Jones' girlfriend - a woman previously written up for engaging in prohibited 'sexual acts' in the visitor room with Jones."

"The day after Fox's bizarre visit on May 7, Jones was inexplicably transferred from solitary confinement in Bridgewater to a coveted single cell in the general population of medium-security MCI-Norforlk prison, sources said."