Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Intro Post from Senate Minority Leader Tisei

I'm happy to post on MassRoots and I look forward to commuticating with you about what is happening (or not happening) on Beacon Hill. This blog is a great tool for me to report directly to you.

Recently, the Senate Republican Caucus hand-delivered a letter to Governor Patrick, asking him to veto special interest legislation that would allow Governor's Council members to represent private clients before the state's courts, boards and commissions in formal legal proceedings

As you know, the Governor's Council approves all judicial appointments, including administrative judges who preside over workers' compensation cases that come before the Industrial Accidents Board. Allowing members to practice law before the same justices they appoint is not only bad public policy, but a clear conflict of interest.

As was recently reported in the Boston Herald, Senator Stephen M. Brewer (D-Barre) filed the bill (Senate 2332) at the request of fellow Democrat Thomas Merrigan. Merrigan is a former judge from Greenfield who now serves on the Governor's Council but wants to continue practicing law before state agencies. In other words, this bill serves no public purpose and is all about protecting one individual's personal financial interests.

When the governor ran for office, he promised to change the way we do business on Beacon Hill. Unfortunately, Governor Patrick signed Senate 2332 last week. Special Interest - served!

- Richard