Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Senate GOP

You might think, being outnumbered 35 to 5, the GOP wouldn’t be able to get much done in the Massachusetts Senate. As the Senate’s Minority Leader, I can tell you that the Senate Republican Caucus has been working very hard this session to fulfill its role as a government watchdog and to protect the interests of the state’s taxpayers.

Whether safeguarding the public’s hard-earned money, shining a light on some of the more egregious proposals put forth by the Democratic majority, or providing a counterpoint to the governor’s liberal tendencies, Caucus members can point to many positive accomplishments in 2007, and look forward to carrying forth the GOP message of fiscal restraint in 2008.

For a full report on the Caucus’ activities this past year, visit our official website, MassSenate . As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions.