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June 5, 2009
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In the wake of House-for-Sale Scandal

Steele joins Mass GOP
call for good, effective government

What a week to be a Republican in Massachusetts. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele delivered an impassioned speech to a roomful of Republicans gathered in Boston for the annual Lincoln Reagan Awards ceremony.

Across the Boston Common, the Democrats were displaying for all the voters the arrogance and greed that has corrupted their leadership. Ex-House Speaker Sal DiMasi was federally indicted for taking payments to influence the awarding of a state contract. The House-for-Sale Scandal will reverberate for months to come until voters have a chance to clean house in November 2010.

The people of Massachusetts are crying out for good, effective government, and it is the Massachusetts Republican Party that is going to deliver solutions with our pro-taxpayer, smaller government message and by fielding a strong group of candidates.

Chairman Steele implored Massachusetts Republicans to work together and promote the party as standing for good, effective government. He told us to be aggressive and tough in battling our Democrat opponents. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

Earlier this week, Nick Connors, the Mass GOP executive director, sent an email to all our activists. Nick asked them to look at the list of 135 House Democrats who voted in January to re-elect DiMasi as speaker. If an activist's representative voted for DiMasi, Nick asked that the activist write to his or her local paper and expose the House Democrat for taking part in choosing corrupt leadership over the best interests of the citizens.

Many activists have answered Nick's call. Brett Schetzsle of Beverly wrote a great letter headlined: What does Rep. Grant think of DiMasi now? My thanks to Brett and all of you who have taken the time to write. If you have not yet, please do.

If you haven't yet, I urge you to take the time write your local newspaper. We must hold the Democrats accountable. Please, help spread the word about the misdeeds of Democrat representatives and why we need to return a healthy two-party system to Beacon Hill.

If we are going to rebuild our party, success will start at the grassroots. On Wednesday, the Mass GOP honored two of our very best activists, Susan Blais and Howard Bibeault, co-chairs of the Attleboro Republican City Committee, with the Shamie Memorial Award for Grassroots Efforts.

Howard and Susan share a remarkable dedication to the city committee, which is strong and active in the community. They have a vision for what the committee means to their city. The committee's website says: "We do our best to contribute to our community and participate to ensure that public discourse is healthy. Our democracy works best when more than one party is represented. We endeavor to have a viable two-party government so that we ALL can benefit from our great Democracy."

That is such an inspirational message, it's no wonder potential candidates seek out Howard and Susan for the wisdom they offer on how to run successful campaigns. Howard and Susan are so well respected across Massachusetts that they are regularly invited to conduct training sessions with other city and town committees.

And Howard and Susan are not content with today; they are focused fostering tomorrow's leaders. The Attleboro Junior Republican Club is open to Attleboro's youth. Started in 2007, the club offers its members the opportunity to learn about local government and politics, while creating a social atmosphere.

In addition, the Mass GOP honored Ambassador Christopher Egan with the Lincoln Reagan Award for his service to our nation and the Republican Party. Chris served as co-chairman of the highly successful 2006 Victory Fund and is a great leader in our party.

Finally, I attended the Connecticut Republican Party's annual award dinner Thursday night, where former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich was the keynote speaker. I'm looking forward to a strong working relationship with Connecticut GOP Chairman Chris Healy, who was kind enough to attend our Lincoln Reagan event Wednesday. I hope to build cooperative network to strengthen all the New England Republican committees.

Keep sending your feedback to

Yours in Victory,

Jennifer A. Nassour,

What We're Doing
SAVE THE DATE: July 26th. The Mass GOP Summer BBQ is planned for July 26th at the Hudson Elks. We'll be sending more details soon, so save the date and plan on a great family event.

The Mass GOP office is full of activity with an influx of 32 college interns who will be offering their time, energy and skill to the Mass GOP for the summer. The interns are assisting in all aspects of the operation, from fundraising to communications.

The experience they gain at the Mass GOP will benefit them in the future, and hopefully, many will go on to staff Republican campaigns across Massachusetts.

In The News From This Week
Charges met with shock, dismay, hope
State Rep. John P. Fresolo, D-Worcester, who said he was not surprised by the alleged corruption detailed in the indictment, said yesterday he never trusted Mr. DiMasi. "He had trouble telling people the truth. He didn't always speak the truth to people," Mr. Fresolo said. "I felt that firsthand every time he dealt with me. He didn't tell me the truth. So it doesn't surprise me," he said of the indictment.

DiMasi gets the chill on Beacon Hill
The state's Republican party has slammed DiMasi's former supporters in several statements, accusing them of having "enabled the corruption of state government."
DiMasi was the third speaker in a row to receive federal indictments from the job.
"House Democrats have a pattern of extremely poor judgment when choosing leaders," said state GOP chairman Jennifer Nassour."

For lawmakers, 'another black stain for Beacon Hill'
Meanwhile, Massachusetts Republicans vowed to use DiMasi's departure as a campaign theme by "making household names out of the 135 Democrats who voted to reelect Sal DiMasi as speaker in January."

"Every House member who supported DiMasi will be called out for endorsing his corrupt leadership," said Mass GOP chairwoman Jennifer A. Nassour. "It is time, once again, to clean up the mess on Beacon Hill by electing new legislators who are committed to small government, lower taxes, and finally ending the culture of corruption and waste."

Making the case for Beacon Hill reform
The state Republican Party is seeking to take advantage of the indictment and put the spotlight on Democrats like Bowles and D'Amico who voted for DiMasi.

"While the federal government seeks to hold Sal DiMasi accountable, we will seek to hold accountable the 135 Democrats who ignored the obvious scandal and re-elected him as speaker in January," Republican Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour said in a press release.

"Every House member who supported DiMasi will be called out for endorsing his corrupt leadership," she said. "It is time, once again, to clean up the mess on Beacon Hill by electing new legislators who are committed to small government, lower taxes and finally ending the culture of corruption and waste."

How You Can Help
We are looking for people who want to volunteer at our Boston HQ. If you are interested, please call us at (617) 523-5005 or email us at

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