Friday, June 5, 2009

Mass GOP to Voters: Hold Accountable DiMasi's 135 Supporters

Democrats Re-Elected DiMasi Despite Scandal

BOSTON - In the wake of the indictment of the third consecutive Democrat House speaker, the Massachusetts Republican Party today pledged to begin cleaning up Beacon Hill by making household names out of the 135 Democrats who voted to re-elect Sal DiMasi as speaker in January.

Mass GOP Chairman Jennifer A. Nassour said: "The third consecutive indictment of a Democrat House speaker is a complete disgrace. While the federal government seeks to hold Sal DiMasi accountable, we will seek to hold accountable the 135 Democrats who ignored the obvious scandal and re-elected him as speaker in January. Every House member who supported DiMasi will be called out for endorsing his corrupt leadership. It is time, once again, to clean up the mess on Beacon Hill by electing new legislators who are committed to small government, lower taxes and finally ending the culture of corruption and waste."