Friday, June 5, 2009

Patrick Should Follow Obama's Example in Blago Case

Boston - Mass GOP Executive Director Nick Connors issued the following statement regarding restoring the public trust in state government.

Connors said: "The public's trust will not be restored until there is a full explanation of the role played by all public officials and employees in this House-for-sale scandal, and all we are hearing is a lot of 'no comments.' Governor Patrick should immediately launch an investigation into the role his top advisors played in this sordid affair and release the findings. Surely, he cannot object to following the example set by the Obama Administration in handling White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel's dealings with Illinois Governor Blagojevich."

Connors added: "The people of Massachusetts deserve good and effective government, and they will not see it as long as we have leaders who refuse to explain their actions and only attempt to enact meaningful reforms after serious corruption has been exposed."