Thursday, June 25, 2009

MassGOP: Only Voters Can Clean Up the Mess on Beacon Hill

BOSTON - The Massachusetts Republican Party today issued a statement following the passage of the Ethics Reform Bill. Although the Bill is a step in the right direction and tightens some obvious loopholes on Beacon Hill, the MassGOP points towards the ballot box as the only real solution to restoring good, efficient government in the Commonwealth.

Mass GOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour said: "No amount of reform is going to remove the ethical cloud hanging over Beacon Hill Democrats. While legislators have been investigated, indicted and arraigned on various federal and state criminal charges, too many of their fellow Democrats have enabled their bad behavior or looked the other way. The solution to the problem is to elect more Republicans to restore a two-party balance on Beacon Hill. The solution is not passing new laws, the solution is electing new lawmakers. The Republican Party welcomes honest, ethical citizens to run with us to unseat entrenched Democrats who have failed our state."