Friday, June 5, 2009

House Democrats Accountable for Corruption

32 Democrats Hit the Trifecta - They Voted for Each of the Three Indicted Speakers

BOSTON - Of the 135 House Democrats who voted to re-elect Sal DiMasi as speaker in January, 32 had also supported the re-election Tom Finneran and Charlie Flaherty as speaker in the votes immediately prior to their federal indictments. And 42 voted for two of the three speakers before their indictments, according to a review of House roll call votes.

Of the 32 House Democrats, 23 are now in legislative leadership positions, entitling them to extra pay or power in the State House.

Mass GOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour said: "House Democrats have a pattern of extremely poor judgment when choosing leaders, and it has hurt the people of Massachusetts who are saddled with higher taxes to pay for corrupt government. Every one of the 135 House Democrats knew of the multiple federal and state investigations into Speaker DiMasi, and yet they voted to re-elect him as speaker."

Nassour continued: "Everyone of these House Democrats enabled the corruption of state government, and they should have known better. They chose their own interests and special interests over the interests of their constituents. They have worn out their welcome on Beacon Hill, and if they don't leave on their own, I think voters will show them the door."