Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MassGOP Research Briefing

In Case You Missed It!
What They're Staying About The Stimulus

House Speaker Robert Deleo (D-Winthrop)
"This money, while a blessing, also creates a giant gap in local and state budgets when it inevitably dries up... Massachusetts cannot become captive to onetime revenue."
- Robert Deleo, Remarks to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, 3/31/09

Jeffrey Simon, Gov Deval Patrick's "Stimulus Czar"
"The federal estimate of 79,000, we really don't know what's behind that, we just plain don't"
- The Associated Press, 3/27/09

Phil Lemnios, Hull Town Manager
"It's ridiculous... If there's a formula that says the students in Wellesley are in greater need than the students in Hull, then there's something wrong with the formula. There's something fundamentally wrong.'' - The Boston Globe, 3/20/09