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April 17, 2009

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Boston Herald, 4/15/09

I hope that you had an enjoyable holiday weekend with friends and family...when you weren't stuck in a massive backup caused by the arrogance of the Patrick-Murray Administration.

To make matters worse, budget season is upon us, and I'm sure many of you are hearing of the potential for massive tax hikes to stave off spending cuts. Recently, the Patrick-Murray administration announced millions of dollars in more cuts to balance a budget that every Republican legislator voted against.

These spending cuts are tough medicine forced on the public by the failure of the Governor and the Legislature to lead on reform. Sadly, under the current Beacon Hill leadership, the only way we will see smaller, more efficient government is when the flow of tax dollars is reduced either through a tough economy or tax cuts. The Democrats and Governor Patrick don't understand the plight of Massachusetts families, because if they did, their slogan would be 'reform, not revenue.' Instead, we have a Legislature incapable of passing real reform, a Governor insistent on raising taxes, and leaders who have lost the public trust.

In other news, six "MassGOP Grassroots Fourms" are now complete with only one left! I've collected many great ideas and insights from those of you who came out to the first six, and I hope that you will join me in Boxborough for the last one (of this series at least!).

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What We're Doing
We hope you can join us for our last MassGOP Grassroots Forum in Boxborough next Thursday? The MassGOP Grassroots Forums are bringing together people from across the Commonwealth to share their ideas and thoughts on how to elect more Republicans, organize at the local level, and work collaboratively on grassroots initiatives. We want to thank everyone who joined us in Andover and Wrocester!

As part of the MassGOP Grassroots Forums, the Massachusetts Republican Party is also launching a Charitable Service Program. The Party asks that every attendee of each regional forum bring an item that will be donated directly to the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Siters (BBBS).

Below is the details for the last forum in Boxborough - with any questions please contact Kaitlyn Greeley at
Forum #7
Thursday, April 23rd, 7pm-9pm
Boxborough Town Hall
29 Middle Road

Attendees are asked to bring school supplies, books, or arts and crafts for BBBS.

In The News From This Week

In Turnpike-Fiasco news, NECN had a great story this week demonstrating how the Patrick administration intentionally caused the back up at the tolls.

And if you didn't believe already that there's still waste to be cut from state government, check out this story about a double-dipping ex-Democrat lawmaker.

Got an example of government waste? Send it to MassGOP Communications Director Barney Keller at
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How You Can Help
The Massachusetts Republican Party is no longer soliciting resumes for summer internships. Thank you for all who applied. Please keep your comments and inquiries coming to

As always, we are looking for people who want to volunteer at our Boston HQ. If you are interested, please call us at (617) 523-5005.

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