Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MassGOP Research Briefing

Can DeLeo Control His Members?
Democrat State Rep. Yells At Speaker DeLeo, Then Secures Votes Against His Budget

On Wednesday, Rep. Christopher Fallon was "jabbing [DeLeo] in the chest" over funding cuts to the Quinn Bill: A painful no-new-taxes budget purged of earmarks and pet projects has infuriated some House lawmakers - prompting at least one violent outburst against new House Speaker Robert DeLeo this week. State Rep. Christopher Fallon (D-Malden) exploded at DeLeo during a Wednesday evening fund-raiser in Stoneham - jabbing him in the chest with his finger because he was upset that $50 million for the controversial Quinn Bill was cut, according to two lawmakers who attended the event. "He was really screaming, and he went right at (DeLeo)," said one lawmaker who requested anonymity, adding that onlookers were "horrified." (Boston Herald, 4/18/09)

On Monday, The Boston Globe reports that 81 members have signed up to back restoration of funding to the Quinn Bill: Massachusetts police unions have won enough early support in the House to restore $50 million to the budget and protect generous pay bonuses for police officers who hold college degrees, securing a potential victory even as groups representing the homeless and disadvantaged struggle for funding. Police already have at least 81 representatives signed up to back their cause, a majority of the 160-member House, assuring a win during next week's budget debate unless House leaders try to reverse the tide...House members who signed on to two amendments to restore the money said the full range of police compensation and education incentives needed to be protected during a recession. "I don't know if you can emphasize enough the impacts of having an educated police force," said Representative Christopher G. Fallon, a Malden Democrat and lead sponsor of the amendment to restore funding. (Boston Globe, 4/21/09)