Friday, April 10, 2009

MassGOP Research Briefing

They Said It!

"I got one issue, man. Getting re-elected."

- Anonymous Freshman Democrat Lawmaker, State House News Service, 4/10/09

Weekly Roundup: Battles Worth Fighting
State House News Service, 4/10/09
By Jim O'Sullivan


All the "revenue solutions" Patrick and several lawmakers have proposed scare the daylights out of lawmakers, who hear from constituents who are behind in mortgages, watching their life savings evaporate, and can't go to the library after work because the state is cutting funding. What many say they're not hearing are pleadings with Beacon Hill to raise taxes, even as House leaders make noise about inflicting monumental cuts. November 2010 is 19 months and hundreds of legislative votes away, but it feels a lot closer.

"I got one issue, man," said one freshman lawmaker. "Getting re-elected."

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