Monday, April 20, 2009

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Jim Aloisi less that masterful
Boston Herald, 4/19/09
By Dave Wedge

Gov. Deval Patrick's transportation czar, Jim Aloisi, is under intense fire from angry commuters and taxpayers - and he may also have angered another potent group: Harvard University alums.

Aloisi's bio, posted on state Web sites, lists him as having a "Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University." But he obtained his degree through the Harvard Extension School, an offshoot of the Ivy League college that has open enrollment and is widely viewed as a separate, less prestigious entity.

The discrepancy has caused similar headlines in the past, including in 2005, when teen pop star Hillary Duff claimed she was taking classes at Harvard but was actually at the Extension School.
Other pols are keenly wary of the difference. State Rep. Bradley H. Jones (R-N. Reading) lists on his bio that he received his degree from Harvard Extension School.

Aloisi's spokesman, Colin Durrant, said of the flap: "I can confirm he did receive his master in liberal arts from the Extension School at Harvard University, so as far as the bio is concerned it is a master from Harvard University."

Tell that to Hillary Duff . . .

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