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April 24, 2009

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AFL-CIO Union Boss Robert Haynes speaks with a man in a Clown suit at a rally for The Boston Globe
State House News Service, 4/24/09

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Run, baby, run.

The opportunity is there for us. A recent Rasmussen poll pegged Democrat Governor Deval Patrick's approval rating at a anemic 34%. Even better, a 70% of voters believe that Massachusetts is on its way back to reclaiming the nickname "Taxachusetts."

I don't blame them. This week, we've heard rumblings that the Democrat Legislature is ready to hike the sales tax by 40%! We can fight back by offering the voters a choice in November. Do you know someone who is interested in running for office? Email our Executive Director Nick Connors at nick@massgop.com. My goal is to run as many Republican candidates as possible in November 2010, but I need your help to do it!

We just finished our final "MassGOP Grassroots Fourm." I've collected many great ideas and insights, and I'll be trying to put them to good use as we make strides towards victory in 2010.

Keep sending your feedback to jennifer@massgop.com.

Yours in Victory,

Jennifer A. Nassour,
Chairman - Massachusetts Republican Party

What We're Doing
We're gearing up for a big fight over the Democrat Legislature's attempt to hike the Sales Tax by 40%. House Republicans are joining with the state's retailers at a monday press conference to oppose the sales tax increase.

You can help send the message to Democrats on Beacon Hill too. This is going to require a lot of grassroots mobilization on your part - here's how you can help:

1) Write Letters to the Editor

The Boston Globe - letter@globe.com
The Boston Herald - letterstoeditor@bostonherald.com
The Worcester Telegram - letters@telegram.com
The Patriot Ledger - editpage@ledger.com
The Metrowest Daily News - mdnletters@cnc.com
The Sentinel & Enterprise - Letters@SentinelAndEnterprise.com
The Lowell Sun - backtalk@lowellsun.com
The Eagle-Tribune - kjohnson@eagletribune.com
The Springfield Republican - http://www.masslive.com/contactus/
The Cape Cod Times - letters@capecodonline.com
The Berkshire Eagle - letters@berkshireeagle.com

Here are some talking points for you to use:

I oppose the 40% increase in the sales tax
State Government has grown too big and they spend too much
Since they haven't stopped the outrageous pension abuses, wasteful spending, and patronage hires, why should we have to pay more?
I'll be voting Republican in November to send someone fiscally responsible to Beacon Hill
Let us know when you write a letter! Send it to info@massgop.com

2) Contact your local legislator

Legislators listen when they hear from their constituents. Call the State House at (617) 722-2000 and ask to speak to your State Representative or State Senator. Let them know you oppose the 40% increase in the sales tax.

For a list of Representatives by city and town click here.

3) Donate to the MassGOP!

We're going to need all the help we can get to fight the special interests on Beacon Hill. Can you make a donation of $5, $10, or $25 to the Massachusetts Republican Party today? Every dollar you give helps us move towards victory in 2010, so please donate today!

In The News From This Week
In Turnpike-Fiasco news, the Boston Herald reported this week that "Frustrated Pike drivers plagued by traffic jams and potential toll hikes will face the additional insult of decaying roads and ramps after Patrick administration officials decided to block federal stimulus funds to the troubled roadway."

Great work - It's not like there's an impending toll hike or anything...

Got an example of government waste? Send it to MassGOP Communications Director Barney Keller at bkeller@massgop.com.

It's time we take back Beacon Hill - forward this newsletter to everyone you know!

How You Can Help
The Massachusetts Republican Party is no longer soliciting resumes for summer internships. Thank you for all who applied. Please keep your comments and inquiries coming to info@massgop.com.

As always, we are looking for people who want to volunteer at our Boston HQ. If you are interested, please call us at (617) 523-5005.

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RedMassGroup.com - Online community for Massachusetts Republican activists
Scaling The Hill - Blog for the GOP Senate Caucus - Sen. Richard Tisei, Republican Leader
The Capitol View - Blog for the GOP House Caucus - Rep. Bradley H. Jones, Republican Leader

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State Party Staff:

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Finance Director Lyndsay Jones - ljones@massgop.com
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