Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moth Man

Legislator Proposes Hikes In Income Taxes, Sales Tax, Control of Winter Moth

Boston, MA - The Massachusetts Republican Party issued the following statement today revealing Rep. Matt 'Moth Man' Patrick's (D-Falmouth) alter-ego as a taxpayer villain. Matt 'Moth Man' Patrick has proposed to hike the income and sales tax while also spending $150,000 to 'control and eliminate' the winter moth.

MassGOP Communications Director Barney Keller said, "It appears Matt 'Moth Man' Patrick is some kind of taxpayer villain who raises taxes by day and kills moths by night. Matt 'Moth Man' Patrick ought to 'control and eliminate' his outrageous earmark and the Legislature ought to swat his proposal to hike the income and sales tax."

Losing Your Job? At least Rep. Matt "Moth Man" Patrick (D-Falmouth) will take care of the Winter Moth for you

Rep. Matt Patrick has proposed spending "$150,000 to the University of Massachusetts Agricultural Department to continue a program to control and eliminate the Winter Moth worm." (Click Here To See Patrick's Earmark)

Rep. Matt Patrick has also proposed increasing the sales tax to 6% and the income tax to 6.3%. (Click Here To See Patrick's Amendment to raise the sales tax and to raise the income tax)