Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MassGOP Research Briefing

FLASHBACK: Legislature Overwhelmingly Supported 2008 Sales Tax Holiday

The House voted 140-15 to enact 2008 sales tax holiday (Roll Call #440) (Click Here For Roll Call)
The Senate voted 31-6 to enact 2008 sales tax holiday (Roll Call #293) (Click Here For Roll Call)
Governor Patrick signed the 2008 sales tax holiday (Click Here To View Bill History)

Sen. President Murray called the sales tax holiday "welcome more than ever in this difficult economy.":
"The sales tax holiday would be welcome more than ever in this difficult economy, providing consumers with some necessary relief while boosting sales and consumer confidence," Sen. President Therese Murray, SHNS, 6/12/08

Speaker DiMasi called it a "much needed boost to retailers": "For the past four years, thanks to the Legislature's economic stimulus bills, the sales tax holiday has served as a great incentive to consumers in Massachusetts and provided a much-needed boost to retailers in the otherwise slow sales month of August. There is no doubt this year that consumers need a break and that retailers need a shot in the arm. I believe the state can afford the sales tax holiday and I am going to encourage members to support it when we consider the bill - hopefully next week." - Former Speaker Sal DiMasi, SHNS, 7/18/08

Speaker DeLeo said it would bring "much-needed relief to the average shopper.": `Bottom line, I believe the state will lose money, but I also think this brings some much-needed relief to the average shopper,'' - Speaker Robert Deleo, Boston Herald, 7/22/08