Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MassGOP Research Briefing

It's Funny How That Happened...Part 2!
A Poll Driven Governor Changes His Tune On Reform?

"Meaningless slogan"

-Governor Patrick's Transportation Secretary James Aloisi, on "reform before revenue". (State House News Service, 3/4/09)

"The Legislature, 42%; The Governor, 32%"

- Results of a poll question asking "Who do you trust more to solve the state's economic problems - the Governor or the Legislature?" (Suffolk University, 3/25/09)

"What we have right now is just not good enough."

-Governor Deval Patrick on the Transportation reform bills in the legislature, six weeks after his transportation secretary called "Reform before revenue" a "meaningless slogan."
(Boston Globe, 4/14/09)

Updated! Governor now claims he opposes sales tax without "reform."

"I've always been about reform before revenue, but it's more than that, it's change before revenue."

-Governor Deval Patrick today on why he threatened to veto a sales tax, despite his support of a gas tax.
(State House News Service, 4/27/09)